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Why did I get different colors when I took the test on two different days?

There are a couple of reasons why your color can change from day to day. The most common is if someone’s personality is very close to preferring two different colors. As an example, if one’s preference for Red is only 2% different from their preference for Green, the measurement of personality is not precise enough to accurately distinguish such small differences. So, one day it goes to Red, the next to Green. People also may respond differently from day to day simply because they feel different: maybe they are coming down with a cold, maybe they slept poorly, maybe their significant other broke up with them. Any of these issues could lead us to respond differently which could result in a different outcome.

What if I feel like a different color?

The relationship between personality and color continues to require further research before we can come to any definitive conclusions between color and its relationship to personality. As such, if you feel a strong affinity toward a color you should not let any test results make you question how you feel toward a color. While we would encourage you to consider the personality results from this test, please continue to enjoy your favorite color.

How can color provide more insight into my personality type?

We find that color is often an overlooked part of people’s lives. The more we live in environments that soothe us and make us feel both calm and energized the more satisfied we will be with our lives. Many of us also find that being around our color adds a degree of calmness and peacefulness to our lives and we encourage everyone to find their color.

How can I get the most out of understanding my personality through the myColor test?

Our personality is basically a snapshot of our uniqueness, of what defines our individuality. Psychologists have worked for generations go agree on the core traits that define personality. Only recently have they settled on the HEXACO model (Honesty, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Openness) which forms the basis for our current assessment. By understanding our personalities, we all can get a better sense of how we fit into and engage the world around us.

They say you are born with your personality and it doesn’t change over time. Is this true, or can my life's experiences change my personality?

The truth is that personality does change somewhat across your life and even into old age. And while there may not be radical changes in the basic profile it does seem that in people strive for greater psychological health and satisfaction. Our emotional swings become less, we become more socially engaged, we enjoy new experiences while fitting better into society. As we learn more about personality it does seem that we are learning from our experiences and growing in ways that both allow us to enjoy life more and to be more available to the world around us.

What if none of these colors resonate with me?

We have much to learn about the personality of color and encourage you to check back from time to time. But for right now, if there is nothing that really calls to you from this report we strongly encourage you to continue to use what helps you grow as a person.

I like how color is inclusive as it is applicable to everyone. Will more information or updates be made available about this quiz?

Stay tuned to this site. We are going to continue to work to build ways we can use myColor to help everyone better understand themselves and everyone around them as well.

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